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I take the view that no single counselling approach can help a client in all situations and so I will tailor counselling techniques to meet your individual needs and circumstances.  My focus will always be on valuing and developing our relationship so that we can maximise your experience and help you work towards your healing and personal growth.

It is my aim to help us identify and clarify the challenges you are facing and support you as you work your way through these and move toward new perspectives and behaviours. I will often check in to ensure we are working at the right pace to suit you, and that you are feeling comfortable and safe here.

I have found that some clients prefer lots of questions and interaction from me to encourage them to reflect and explore their thoughts and feelings, whilst others prefer to use the space to talk without too much interruption (so they can find their own solutions in a way that is not always possible with those closest to them).  It is, therefore, my job to work with whatever approach works best for each individual/couple.

I provide a warm, non-judgemental and encouraging space in which I hope all clients feel that they are treated with respect and will always be made to feel very welcome.

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